Welcome to The Collaborative Class! Collaboration is a key to success both inside and outside of the classroom. My goal is to collaborate with other teachers by sharing resources and ideas to help make our classrooms thrive. Likewise, many of my student activities are hands on and collaborative in nature as well. 

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Provide students with engaging reading & writing choice board activities that are perfect to use as classroom centers or for distance learning.  

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Assignment Slides – Customizable | Distance Learning
These customizable assignment slides are the perfect way to organize and present information to students in your class. Students will benefit from having standards, expectations, and directions available to them visually during morning meeting or an instructional class.
Biography Project Instagram Template | Distance Learning
Looking for an engaging way for students to demonstrate their knowledge about important historical figures? This instagram biography project is a unique activity that students will absolutely love! It's perfect to use during a biography unit of study, Black History Month, or throughout social studies. Both PDF & digital versions are included.
Google Forms Headers for Daily Check-Ins for Distance Learning
These Google Forms headers are perfect to add to any social emotional or academic student check-in.  It's always important to check in with students on a regular basis, but it's especially essential during distance learning when teachers are not able to see their students face to face every day.
Read & Write the Photo Bundle: ELA Distance Learning Activities
These Read & Write the Photo activities allow students to practice multiple ELA skills while using a picture as a text and source of inspiration!
Reading Skills Practice – Read the Photo | Distance Learning
  Practice reading skills while using a picture as a text! An easy way to increase student engagement. Ideal for Upper Elementary students, especially during distance learning.
Photo Writing Prompts – Write the Photo | Distance Learning
These Write the Photo writing prompts allow students to practice writing skills with various genres using a picture as inspiration! An easy way to increase student engagement. Ideal for Upper Elementary students.

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