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Engaging ELA March Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

March is notorious as one of the toughest months of the school year.  In my district, we have ZERO breaks in March. 🥴  Both teacher and student fatigue usually sets in during March, it’s still pretty

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3 tips for ending the school year

3 Tips for Ending the School Year on a High Note

Ending the school year does not have to be stressful! Over the years, I’ve collected some ideas to help make the last few weeks or days run smoothly. Check out these tips to end your school year

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Academic Ways to use Would You Rather Questions in the Classroom Blog Header

Academic Ways to Use Would You Rather Questions for Kids in the Classroom

Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t love playing Would You Rather? Because I certainly have not! When planning instructional activities with my students, I’m always thinking about games or activities

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How to Use Movement to Make Test Prep Fun for Students

Test prep is often one of those things that everyone, students AND teachers, dread. But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.  Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to come

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Engaging ELA Halloween Activities Your Students Will Love

Holidays can be such exciting times in the classroom. However, with all the craziness of costumes and trick-or-treating happening, it can be tricky to get students to maintain focus so that the entire

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