May 19, 2021


Inexpensive & Easy End of the Year Gifts for Students

Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do. Therefore, I always make sure I have some end of the year gifts for students.  

…BUT my school is departmentalized.  Therefore, we have 50+ students each year in our classes each year.  That means it can get pretty pricey to give gifts to all of my students.

That’s why a few years ago, I started racking my brain to come up with ideas for gifts that wouldn’t break the bank, but would still get my students excited. 

Here are two of my go-to favorite end of the year gifts for students that I came up with…

Custom End of the Year Bitmoji bookmarks paired with a special student award certificate!

End of the Year Custom Bitmoji Bookmarks

If your students are anything like mine, they will LOVE it anytime you put your Bitmoji on something. 

Making the bookmarks is so simple… Just copy and paste your Bitmoji of choice and insert it into my powerpoint template, print, laminate (optional), & cut!Not only do Bitmojis in general get students excited, but the bookmark also serves as a reminder of our class AND promotes and encourages students to continue to read throughout the summer.


End of the Year Student Award Certificates

As for the award certificates, I love giving these as gifts because the students seriously light up when they see what they were awarded! Many students have never received an award before too, so it’s extra special.

When I originally created my award certificate templates, I made sure to include a wide variety of awards so that every single student would be able to qualify for something. 

End of the year student gifts - End of the Year Awards

The best part about giving printable gifts is that you can invest in them once and then use them over and over again every single year! You simply can’t beat it!

If you’re interested in investing in both of these resources, you can also grab them in my End of the Year Activities & Resources Growing Bundle to save up to 30% off PLUS you will have access to all future resources added to the bundle for FREE!

Need other ideas for teaching at the end of the school year?

Check out my post on five ways to keep students engaged and learning at the end of the year!

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Inexpensive Gifts for Students